Random Cam Story:

It's a weekend and I have been in Georgia for 6 weeks now. At least once a week we get on line and chat, usually the weekend so we can spend more time together. This weekend you have a special surprise for me. You get online and see I am already there.

You start the messaging "hello love!"

I respond with lots of the "kisses" icon. You tell me that you have a very special surprise for me. With that the box with your webcam image pops up. The picture finally loads and I can see our room is lit with many candles and you are standing there waving that cute little hello in your black top and the tuxedo thong I bought you. You click on the hands free microphone and ask if I can hear you. I type yes then say you certainly are putting that laptop I bought you to good use. You smile.

Then you bend over to turn on the radio and give us a great shot of that spectacular ass. Yes I said us. You turn around and read,

"Umm babe, I'm not alone tonight."

A wave of anger crosses your face. Then you read,

"Pete and I were just sitting here looking at your pics from the private shots site."

Your anger quickly disappears and is replaced by excitement.

As the music starts you say "Well I hope you boys have plenty of lotion and towels because you are going to need them."

And with a wicked smile you begin to dance oh so sexily to the erotic music now playing. While you sway suggestively to the rhythm, I set up my webcam and click it on so you can see your audience. As soon as you see us watching the fire ignites in your pussy. You rub your hands sensuously over your skin, breasts, tummy and legs. You turn your back to us as you undo your bra and slip it off. You turn back around with your hands covering your breasts, massaging them gently. Then you slid your hands down to the waistband of your thong giving us a perfect view of your beautiful breasts.

Things have now become uncomfortable for us with our growing cocks trapped in our tight pants so Pete and I make ourselves more comfortable by stripping naked. You stop momentarily to watch us slip out of our jeans. A little moan escapes your lips as you see our hard cocks and your pussy tingles even more. You turn again bend over and slip your thong off giving us a good look at your firm tight ass. I peek over at Pete and see his eyes are glued to the screen and his hand is methodically stroking his hard 7" inches.

You begin dancing again grinding your hips touching your body all over. You don't even notice us as we begin to stroke our cocks faster to your sexy nude image. You lay back on the bed spreading your legs wide. We can see your wetness glittering in the candlelight. Your completely shaven pussy looks so delicious!

Pete groans "God, I bet that tastes great."

I mutter, "Yes it does; but it feels even better wrapped around your dick!"

You pinch your nipples with one hand while rubbing your soaking pussy with the other. It's not long before your favorite blue friend appears. We can hear the whirring of your toy as you place it against your sensitive clit.

"Uhhhhgh" you moan as the cool vibrating plastic toy sends shock waves through your naked body.

Soon you are grinding your hips into your toy and low moans begin to fill the air. Your moans grow louder as you sit up to look at our images on the screen. A simply devilish grin crosses your face as you groan and say,

"I want us to cum together."

You watch us as we stroke our rock-hard cocks faster, all the while sliding the toy in and out of your super wet pussy. It's not long before you begin to moan loudly and soon we hear you cry out


Just then you have to work hard to keep your eyes open but you see Pete and I stop stroking our cocks and a second later the cum fly from our hard dicks. As our orgasms subsides you smile and say,

"I hope you enjoyed the show....same time next weekend??"

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